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Biomass biogas project EPC

Biogas project general contracting

China's leading brand in biomass biogas project EPC

We never simply copy, but just provide tailor-made solutions for customers. We provide integrated services such as scheme consultation, engineering design, R&D and production, construction and installation, engineering commissioning and after-sales services for the construction of biomass biogas projects.
We provide tailor-made exclusive solutions for each customer's projects, thus creating exquisite projects!
So far, we have designed and built more than 200 biogas projects!

The fermentation materials we use include
Livestock and poultry manure
Livestock dying of illness
Crop straw
Kitchen waste
High concentration organic waste water, etc.

In the field of biomass biogas, we are famous for our patented technology!

Yingherui has a well-built and experienced technology R&D team. Over the years, Yingherui has cooperated with China Agricultural University and European leading technology companies in scientific research, having developed a series of environmental protection technologies special for the characteristics of Chinese organic raw materials.

ABDP anaerobic multiplication technology
Organic fertilizer production line system
Intelligent automatic control system
YHR biological desulfurization technology
SAHP facultative cellulose hydrolysis technology

ABDP anaerobic multiplication technology

Let the low concentration manure per unit produce a large amount of biogas

Organic fertilizer production line system

The liquid fertilizer system combining low, middle and high grades meets the market demand.

Intelligent automatic control system

The automatic control system enables remote monitoring and information management of production process, optimizes production process design and production process, providing functions such as equipment management, intelligent early warning, cost analysis, etc.

YHR biological desulfurization technology

No need of oxidant additive, it is economical, stable and pollution-free.

SAHP facultative cellulose hydrolysis technology

The wood fiber raw material is hydrolyzed in a short time, so that the hydrolysis and acidification rate of the fiber raw material is obviously improved, and the degradation rate of the raw material is improved.

No chemical agent and low operating cost
Stable system

Wider range of application of raw materials
More flexible

Residence time is greatly reduced to 25-28 days
Saving investment

System mixing energy consumption is effectively reduced
Saving operating cost

Methane content increases by 5%
Higher capacity