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Investment and operation of biomass biogas project

Equipment production and sales

The utilization of livestock and poultry manure resources is redefined from a professional perspective.
The resource advantages of the industry are integrated to create a brand-new industry chain collaborative development mode.

Yingchuang Hemei integrates financial capital and industrial capital in the way of “guided by government, led by enterprise, and market operation”, linking upstream aquaculture enterprises with downstream cultivation enterprises.
With organic fertilizer and biogas fertilizer as the bridge, the planting and breeding are combined. It invests to build regional agricultural organic waste comprehensive treatment centers and ecological agricultural planting demonstration parks centering on complete professional treatment of manure, disposal of livestock dying of illness, biogas comprehensive utilization, organic fertilizer production and sale.


Advantages of collaborative development

Solving the problems of pollution from crop straw burning, livestock and poultry manure, and livestock dying of illness within the region

Promoting soil organic matter content and producing high value-added agricultural and sideline products

Assisting the government to solve the problems of agricultural non-point source pollution, chemical fertilizer reduction, precision poverty alleviation, food safety, etc.

Achieving the goals of improving the environment, increasing farmers' income and sustainable development of the project

Collaborative development mode

1+2+N mode

Yingherui integrates the investment from financial investors to build an agricultural waste treatment center centering on biogas power generation and organic fertilizer production,
and integrates breeding and planting enterprises to process their manure from breeding and straw from planting into new energy and organic fertilizer through the center, thus promoting the development of derivative industries, and realizing the combination of planting and breeding, as well as ecological cycle development in the region.

N+2+N mode

The government plays a leading role to build a project platform. Yingchuang Hemei forms a partnership with corporate capital to invest in the construction of a regional organic waste comprehensive treatment center,
and integrates the upstream N breeding enterprises and the downstream N planting enterprises to build a green recycling industry chain centering on biogas power generation and organic fertilizer production.

Large-scale breeding enterprise

1 large-scale breeding enterprise

Biogas power generation

Organic fertilizer production

2 comprehensive processing centers

Planting enterprise A

Planting enterprise B

Planting enterprise C

N planting enterprises

Breeding farm A

Breeding farm B

Breeding farm C

N breeding enterprises

Biogas power generation

Organic fertilizer production

Two integrated processing center

Planting farm A

Planting farm B

Planting farm C

N planting enterprises