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Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tanksreturn

The enamel assembling tank-making technology of Yingherui uses special high-strength steel substrate for enamel and professional enameling technology to fuse highly inert anti-corrosive glaze layer onto the surface of the substrate, producing standardized steel plate modules. After the steel plate modules are packed and transported to the construction site, they are quickly installed with low consumption, finally completing the tank assembly. Our reactor types include: CSTR / USR / UASB / IC / EGSB / UBF / SBR / contact oxidation / nitrification and de-nitrification / sedimentation tank, etc.

Quick installation
Modular design and component transportation, professional installation tools, reverse installation, less aloft work, strong temperature adaptability, and much shorter construction period.
Good anti-corrosion performance
The highly inert glaze layer has excellent anti-corrosion performance, strong adaptability to inorganic and organic environments, high strength and impact resistance, and is not easy to fall off, with a service life of more than 30 years.
High standard
Factory production, high degree of standardization, and controllable quality
Maintenance free
No later maintenance is required after the tank is completed
The tank can be moved, expanded and recycled.