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Model——Zhang Wei - A Pioneer Developing Green Agriculture

2019-03-12 04:28:00 410

Graduated from Southwest University in 2010, he majored in soil biology and obtained a master’s degree;

In the eight years, he has presided over and participated in the company’s research on the technology of manufacturing organic fertilizer with agricultural wastes as raw materials and product development with this technology, as well as research on the technology of breeding earthworms to deal with poultry manure;

He has accumulated rich experience in the fields of returning agricultural wastes to the field and developing green agriculture;

He is Zhang Wei, Technical Director of the Market Investment Department of Beijing Yingherui.

Since 2018, Zhang Wei and Yin Jianfeng, Deputy General Manager of the company, have been jointly presiding over the establishment of Jiayinghua, a subsidiary of Yingherui. The subsidiary is responsible for converting the manure resources of Jialihe cattle farm into electric energy and organic fertilizer through commercial operations to finally realize the return on business investment. This work has great and far-reaching significance for our company to develop green energy and green agriculture. At the same time, it is a very hard and arduous task involving interests of the government, farmers, enterprises and other parties. It is necessary to make overall plans to seek the satisfaction of all the parties.

In the process, Zhang Wei’s wife was in the breastfeeding period, but he put himself out of the way and held fast to his position 500 kilometers away in order not to delay the project progress. In the end, Zhang Wei promoted the implementation of the Jialihe project through his hard work of going to different departments and people and acting as go-between, so that the work of returning the biogas to the field was highly appreciated by the Secretary of the Party Committee and local farmers of Dasun Village.

Zhang Wei said that, “the company has offered me an open development platform. Now, our company is in the critical stage or rising, and I can only make a greater contribution to the company, achieve my self-worth and return my family’s support for my work by working at the front line. In the future, I will continue to adhere to the dream of realizing Yingjiahua’s vision of “being an environmental protection company knowing agriculture the best” to strive to do every little thing well by being down-to-earth and overcoming all obstacles.”

At this time, Zhang Wei is comprehensively and meticulously developing the technology turning agricultural wastes into resources according to the development strategy made by the company. By independently using his professional skills in the agricultural field, he has become a pioneer of Yingherui developing green agriculture.

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