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Zunhua, Tangshan | Meikeduo Foods Group Co., Ltd. Biogas Projectreturn

Construction Time: February 2018;
Raw Materials: Chicken Manure + Corn Stalk;
Daily Gas Production: 30000m³;
Biogas Use: Purified as Biological Natural Gas.

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Hebei Province Rural New Energy Development Project with World Bank Payment
The only leading animal project in Hebei Province identified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

Project Features:
1. Ke Hao Emission Reduction-The project will reduce 550,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually.
2. Green cycle-the combination of livestock and poultry farming and biogas engineering, organic fertilizer and green agriculture to form a complete circular economy industrial chain.
3. Comprehensive Utilization-Comprehensive treatment of agricultural waste such as farming sewage and straw, to produce high-quality green energy and bio-organic fertilizer products.