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Staff Style | Come to Attend a Marathon in Your Running Youth

2019-04-01 04:54:00 492

In order to enrich the cultural connotation of the enterprise in terms of livelihood, improve team cohesiveness and relieve employees’ work pressure to make them better sprint for business targets of various business lines. Beijing Yingherui has set up a fitness team and four members have decided that they will participate in Zhengzhou marathon at the end of March.

On March 10, the team formed by four runners conducted daily training for the marathon. At 6:00 in the morning when it was not dawn yet, the runners gathered at Xingcheng on time. After warm-up, a struggling full of sweat and willpower officially started. With the long-distance running target of 30 km, the four persons ran from the dark to the dawn. In the process, other runners kept joining in, showing a cheerful scene. They all did a good job with the running activity that lasted for four hours.

Recently, other members of the fitness team of Beijing Yingherui have also actively organized running training before the marathon. Also, our company has also customized team uniforms for the staff who love sports to further promote everyone’s love for sports and the sports culture of Yingherui.

We run because of love for it.

If we see running as a kind of growth, running becomes a happy thing.

We persist because of love for it.

If we regard persistence as a spur on ourselves, we will definitely yield something.

Run, Yingherui!

Although there is difficulty ahead,

nothing can stop us from moving forward.

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