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Biogas Purificationreturn

The project has low input costs, significant social benefits, and good product benefits

YHR use the gas separation membrane technology to remove the impurity components in biogas and turn it into natural gas.

YHR biogas purification uses membrane separation purification technology. Using biogas as the raw material, through compression filtration, cold and dry dehydration, membrane separation and pressure cultivation unit, through a reasonable process design, the biogas is purified and prepared into CNG products that meet the national "Compressed Natural Gas for Vehicles" standard (GB18047). The project has low input cost, significant social benefits, and good product benefits, conforms to the national industrial policy and has a strong ability to resist market risks.

Excellent performance of the membrane

During the purification process, the methane loss is less than 1%, and the purity of methane can reach more than 99%

The methane gas production reaches 99%, providing operators with the greatest value-added.

Ruiyi adjusts according to the change of biogas intake and composition.

After completion of the purification step, biomethane no longer needs to be dehydrated, and the well has reached the grid-connected dew point requirement.

The scale is flexible, suitable for projects of 10 cubic meters per hour, and can also be used for projects of several thousand cubic meters per hour.