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YHR Environment unveiled at Shanghai World Expo

2020-08-17 11:28:00 37

       From August 13th to August 15th, 2020, Beijing YHR  Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., as a complete set of environmental protection equipment supplier and agricultural organic waste overall solution service provider, participated in the participation of the Munich Expo Group and the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences. , All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Environmental Chamber of Commerce, China Trade Munich Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. co-hosted the 21st China Environmental Expo 2020. Affected by the epidemic, this China Environmental Expo became the annual "first exhibition" of the environmental protection industry. And "the world's largest environmental exhibition."


       At this environmental protection industry exchange event, YHR  Environment demonstrated the company's cutting-edge technologies and products to the industry, discussed and exchanged industry trends with industry experts, and opened up cooperation opportunities.


        At the exhibition site, the three major highlights of YHR 's environment attracted many visitors to stop for visit, consultation and in-depth understanding.

Highlight 1: The video exhibition board combines dynamic and static to show the overall strength of the company

       The on-site audience through the corporate promotional film, to YHR  Environmental "sincere cooperation, create a happy life" corporate culture concept, and the company's environmental protection engineering construction, biomass energy engineering construction, environmental protection equipment manufacturing and sales, environmental protection operation services and other business areas Some knowledge; through the project construction video and project case display, I have no doubt about the efficient and professional engineering quality of YHR  Environment.



 Highlight 2: Star products attack on the spot to show the company's hard power

       The main star product of YHR  Environment at the Shanghai World Expo is the enamel assembly tank, which is independently produced by YHR  Tangshan production base. It uses high-strength special steel for enamel as the base material and uses professional enameling technology. The highly inert anticorrosive glaze layer is integrated on the surface of the substrate to make a standardized steel plate module. It has the advantages of strong anticorrosion performance, fast installation speed, long service life, and customization according to needs. More customers in the industry are interested in Yinghe Rui Environment We have a deeper understanding of the strength of our environmental protection equipment products, laying a foundation for future cooperation.


 Highlight 3: On-site explanation by the elite team, full service to every audience

       In this exhibition, YHR  environmental marketing elites all came to the site, adhering to the corporate core value of "exceeding customer expectations", providing professional and patient explanations for each visitor to the booth, answering questions raised by the audience, and exploring future cooperation Direction, help customers attentively, and make their trip worthwhile.


       In the future, YHR  Environment will adhere to the corporate culture concept of "sincere cooperation and create a happy life", adhere to the corporate mission of "add natural color to a better life", and focus on environmental management of agriculture and animal husbandry, organic planting programs and rural environmental management To create a smart platform for environmental protection of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, committed to becoming a first-class enterprise in the environmental protection field of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and make greater contributions to creating social benefits, stabilizing social employment and Chinas environmental protection undertakings of agriculture, rural areas and farmers.