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YHR Environmental Alcohol Wastewater Storage Enamel Assembly Tank was completed in Thailand

2020-08-26 02:53:00 46

Recently, the malt whisky alcohol wastewater enamel assembled storage tank supplied by Beijing YHR Environmental Equipment Company for Red Bull Group (Thailand headquarters) was successfully completed. This project breaks through the previous conical roof concept and adopts a self-supporting flat roof with aluminum alloy texture without any internal pillars for its support. It is the first successful technical application of Yinghe Rui Environment. The successful delivery of this project is another success of YHR Environment in responding to the countrys One Belt One Roadcall to promote win-win cooperation between China and Thailand!

This time, YHR Environment provided the alcohol wastewater enamel assembly storage tank for the Thai Red Bull Malt Whiskey Alcohol Wastewater Project. The enamel steel plates used are all manufactured by the international production line of YHR Tangshan production base in accordance with international standards, with superior corrosion resistance and cost. It has the advantages of low cost, short construction period, beautiful appearance, convenient installation, and optional capacity expansion. It has been widely used in more than 60 countries and regions around the world.

At the same time, in response to the projects need to take into account issues such as safety and periodicity, YHR Environment played its core technical advantages. After all the enameled steel plate modular components were transported to the site, the installation team used special installation tools and adopted flip-chip Way to install. While reducing high-altitude operations and increasing speed, construction safety is also guaranteed. It is worth mentioning that the installation of the enamel assembly tank is less affected by weather factors, and it also helps to speed up the construction progress of the project, which significantly improves the construction efficiency and benefits.

Beijing YHR Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D, production and sales of environmental protection equipment technology, biomass biogas project EPC and biomass biogas project investment and operation, focusing on agricultural organic waste resources Product manufacturing, technology development and promotion in the fields of chemical utilization, livestock and poultry breeding wastewater treatment, and high-concentration organic wastewater anaerobic technology. After years of development, YHR Environment has formed a complete industrial chain such as process technology research and development, core equipment manufacturing, biomass energy engineering design and construction, and can provide customers in different fields with technically stable, advanced technology, and cost-effective environmental protection equipment. Products and engineering construction have excellent reputation and high market share in the industry.

Over the years, YHR Environment has always been adhering to the core value of "exceeding customer expectations", actively developing and innovating, and has successively won the honorary titles of "High-tech Enterprise", "Beijing Specialized and Special New Enterprise", and passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, NSF certification and many other international certifications have been highly recognized by the industry and customers. In the future, with the development of the industry and the diversification of customer needs, YHR Environment will continue to improve the innovation and manufacturing capabilities of environmental protection equipment, and provide quality services to our customers.