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Yili Dairy Products Wastewater Treatment Projectreturn

Reactor type: IC+AO+ sedimentation tank
Reactor size: Φ22.92*6.0m(H)*3 seats; Φ16.4*4.0(H)*3 seats; Φ9.17*19.2m(H)*3 seats; Φ8.4*19.2m(H )*2 seats
Project location: Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province
Construction time: May 2020

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Yingherui Environment provided the production, installation and commissioning services of 14 enamel assembly tanks for the sewage treatment system of Yili Dairy’s dairy wastewater treatment project. Among them, six enamel tanks were installed in the form of tank sleeves and had a compact structure. , The advantages of saving space.